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Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region: Symposium on the Right to Environment and Development

The Regional Human Rights Commission (CRDH) of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region and the Centre des espaces du nord pour le développement et le partenariat (CENDEP), in M’diq, Morocco, are organizing a symposium on the “Right to Environment and Development between the Evolving Legislative Framework and the Growing Environmental Risks”.

This event will be held on Friday 7 July 2023, at 4.30 pm at the Professional Training Center for Hospitality and Tourism Occupations in M’diq.

It falls under the CRDH annual plan of action, mainly its two focus areas related to the promotion of the human rights culture and monitoring the effectiveness of human rights in public policies and regional programs. This event will address the specificities of the region which is also affected by the impact of climate change and the recent forest fire in Chafchaouen, Larache and Tetouan.

This symposium interprets the CRDH’s increasing focus on the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. It is a fundamental right outlined in Chapter 31 of the Constitution, international agreements and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

It aims to assess the environmental situation in the region and address key environmental issues and threats relating to water, forest and coastal resources. It also seeks to examine the international and national legislative framework for environmental protection.

Additionally, this symposium will be an opportunity to highlight the challenges impeding the implementation of the national strategy for the environment and sustainable development. Stakeholders will also shed light on the various measures implemented to address environmental risks and conserve resources. Besides, this event will be a platform to share and valorize the civil society advocacy initiatives to promote environmental protection.

It is noteworthy that the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) has prioritized the right to the environment and sustainable development as key focus areas in recent years. In its annual report for 2022, entitled "Redefining Priorities to Enhance the Effectiveness of Human Rights," the CNDH noted the increased number of complaints related to violations of the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. Accordingly, the report put forward a set of recommendations on climate change, the right to a healthy environment and the right to water.