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Regional HR Commission of El Hoceima-Nador discusses mental health conditions

The Regional Human Rights Commissions of El Hoceima-Nador organizes a roundtable to discuss mental health conditions in Morocco, in the light of National Human Rights Council’s report on Human Rights and Mental Health. The meeting will be held at the Headquarters of Al Hoceima Municipality, on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 09:30 a.m.

The gathering aims to shed light on the situation of mentally and psychologically ill people and highlight how CNDH thematic report’s recommendations were considered.

Representatives of the sectors concerned (health, justice, prison administration, local authorities), professors, researchers and actors concerned with the rights of this category are invited to this gathering".

CNDH published on September 2012 a report on “Mental Health and Human Rights: Urgent Need for a New Policy”. This preliminary report aimed to:

- Highlight the closed relation between mental health and human rights in their universality, indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness;

- Draw attention to the proven relation between mental health and physical health and the importance of mental health as an essential component of the general health of individuals and as a well-fare condition;

- Sensitize society about the right of people with mental illness to health care services that respect their dignity and citizenship, about the rising incidence of mental illness and about the extent of its impact on the person concerned, the economy and society at large;

- Highlight the situation in mental health facilities and identify relevant gaps and deficiencies;

- Stress the need to pay special attention to children, adolescents, women and the elderly;

- Make realistic and achievable proposals and recommendations, in terms of laws and practices, to improve the living conditions of people with mental disorders and promote mental health in general.




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