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The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) takes part in the 5th World Forum on Human Rights, which will take place from Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 of May 2013, at the Cité Nantes Events Center - France. The Forum is organized by the International Permanent Secretariat Human Rights and Local Governments.

Under the heading “Sustainable development – Human Rights: a common struggle?”, the Forum 2013 will address the issue of sustainable development in relation to the human rights international law nearly a year after the Rio+20 international conference. It should confirm and reaffirm, if possible, the need for a sustainable development respectful of human rights to ensure a real social progress and a fair development in a strengthened democratic frame and a reinforced protected environment.

The topics of the Fifth Forum are as follow:

• “What development and what economic model(s) for a more human and fairer world?”

• “What equality between human beings in times of crisis?”

• “What territories for tomorrow? Towards public policies based on human rights, full citizenship for all and reinforced democracy.”

CNDH will be represented by Ls Houria Selami, member, Mr. Mohamed Charef, Chairperson of CNDH’s Regional Human Rights Commission of Agadir and Mr. Hamil El Kam, advisor to CNDH President. They will contribute to the discussions of the said topics. Mr. Charef will have a contribution on Friday, May 24, 2013 in the session of Territorial Approaches to Democracy and Human Rights. More than 300 CNDH publication copies will displayed in a hall devoted to the participants for this reason.

Since 2004, the World Forum on Human Rights held in Nantes (France) has been the setting for a large international meeting and in-depth public discussions – free and open – on the crucial issues relating to the current and future situation of Human Rights. The objective is to identify approaches for action at local and global level.

Actors from 40 countries will take part in the 5th Forum: Belgium, Benin, Switzerland, Romania, Senegal, China, Slovenia, Nepal, Tunisia, Brazil, France, Romania, Niger, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Mexico, Nigeria, Chile, the United States of America, Mali, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, India, Greece, Argentina, Armenia, Palestine, Guinea, Yemen, South Africa, Iran, Northern Ireland and Morocco.