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The Agency of the East and CDG

The Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH), the Agency of the East, an agency for the promotion, and economic and social development of the eastern region of Morocco, and the CDG, a financial group signed a cooperation and partnership convention. It aims to rehabilitate the provinces of Figuig and Nador, which are covered by the community reparation program within the framework of the implementation of the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER).

Also, this convention seeks to enhance the capacities of the local stakeholders, preserve the memory, improve the infrastructure and basic services, and protect the environment. It is a result of the IER recommendations, particularly on community reparation for the groups and regions who suffered from the past gross human rights violations. It is also a result of the strategy adopted by the Agency of the East aiming to achieve comprehensive and integrated development in all parts of the eastern region. Under this convention, the Agency is committed to provide 2 million Dh to support the community reparation program in the provinces of Figuig and Nador, directed at the first stage at funding income-generating activities and supporting development. Meanwhile, the CCDH undertakes to provide at a first stage 6 million Dh as part of the funds mobilized within the scope of the conventions of international partnership, to mobilize additional financial and human resources among other local, national and international partners, to conduct studies and submit proposals likely to ensure community reparations for the provinces in question, collect information and data, and develop reports on the implementation of the community reparation program. The CDG will ensure the technical achievement of the program and manage the funds available according to financial procedures adopted earlier between the CDG and the CCDH.


Date of signature: December 18, 2008