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Series of meetings launched for World Forum on Human Rights (Marrakech 2014)

A series of meetings were held by CNDH’s regional commissions in their respective regions to ensure best preparations for the 2nd World Forum on Human Rights, to be held soon in Marrakech.

In this regard, the Regional Human Rights Commission of Fez-Meknes held on July 26th 2014 in Fes, a meeting on “Gender and political participation”, the first of a series of consultation meetings initiated by the Commission to ensure successful participation of civil society in the World Forum. Seventy associations active in political participation representing local associations in Fes, Meknes, Taza, El Hajeb, Missour and Boulmane took part in this meeting.

Mr. Abdelmajid Makni, Chairman of the Commission, gave a brief overview on the Forum, launched in Brazil in 2013, before giving the floor to the coordinator of the Movement for Parity Democracy to give a presentation on the main topic of the meeting.

Two workshops were held on the sidelines of this meeting, the first on people with disabilities and political participation and the second on women and political participation, led by two national human rights experts.