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Regional forum on truth, history and memory: recommendation to commemorate national memory day

The Regional Human Rights Commission of Al Hoceima-Nador held on the 17th and 18th October, in Al Hoceima, the 1st Regional Forum on Truth, History and Memory.

The participants in the forum assessed and shared their views on transitional justice in Morocco and the main achievements in the areas of truth, history and collective memory. They discussed to what extent this experience has helped establish respect for dignity, equality, democracy and the rule of law and firm guarantees to prevent further grave human rights violations.

They also discussed the experiences of national institutions and associations concerned with the protection of cultural heritage, history and memory and made several recommendations and proposals to protect and promote these important aspects.

The participants called for the commemoration of a national memory day and for the promotion of reconciliation in the Rif, in addition to collective memory and oral traditions. Other recommendations concerned the Moroccan archives in foreign institutions and the names of squares, avenues, institutions and public facilities, which the participants recommended being named after the martyrs and victims of grave human rights violations.

A scientific seminar on human rights and truth, history and memory was held at the forum, in addition to three thematic workshops on collective memory, Morocco’s recent history, and the right to truth. Several art and cultural activities were scheduled for the forum, including plays, music concerts, a book fair, etc.