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CNDH/ French Embassy: rights of vulnerable groups and people

Members of the (Moroccan) National Human Rights Council’s staff participated in a training on the rights of vulnerable individuals and groups, held by the CNDH in partnership with the French Embassy in Rabat, from the 28th to the 30th of October 2014, at the CNDH’s premises in Rabat.

Six experts were invited to share their knowledge and experience with the participants: Michel de Salvia, Vice-president, Strasbourg-based International Institute for Human Rights, Mathias Möschel, Associate Professor, Central European University in Budapest, Yannick Lecuyer, Lecturer, University of Angers, Jean-Yves Carlier, Professor, Belgium Universities, Jean Dhommeaux, Emeritus Professor, University of Rennes, Jean d’Aspremont, professor, University of Manchester, and Hind Ayoubi Idrissi, Professor, University of Souissi in Rabat.

This training was held in implementation of a partnership agreement concluded by the CNDH and French Embassy. It was an opportunity for the participants to strengthen their academic knowledge in human rights related issues, in general, and the rights of vulnerable groups in particular.  

It tackled the following topics: international human rights law, women’s rights and fight against violence against women, rights of persons deprived of their liberties, international protection of the rights of immigrants, the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and adoption issues from the international human rights law perspective.

A closing conference on the concept of vulnerability in international human rights law was held at the end of the training.