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Publication of Practical Guide on Managing Hunger Strikes in Prisons

Aware of the importance of hunger strikes in prisons, a Practical Guide on Managing Hunger Strikes in Prisons was published on 9 June 2021. It was elaborated by a Commission composed of the Ministry of Health, National Human Rights Council (CNDH), Presidency of the Public Prosecution, and General Delegation for Prisons Administration and Reintegration, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross. This Commission also consulted various civil society actors, experts and attorneys.

The significance of participatory work in managing hunger strikes in prisons resulted in this Practical Guide that aims to unify the management of hunger strikes in prisons.

It also defines clearly and smoothly the responsibilities and areas/ways of effective interventions of relevant parties during all stages of this process.

The elaboration of this document was based on international guidelines, particularly those contained in the Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikers, and founded on the principle of respecting detainees’ rights and preserving their dignity and their physical integrity.

Morocco acquired national experience in managing hunger strikes. It is one of the few countries that elaborated a guide to managing cases of hunger strikes in prisons.

This document is a practical tool and an essential reference for comprehensive and integrated hunger strikes management. It focuses on administrative procedures and medical care that must be provided to prisoners on hunger strikes in full respect of the relevant legal requirements. It also contributes to strengthening the approach adopted by Morocco in the field of human rights in general, and its commitment to ensuring the implementation of fundamental rights and freedoms as stipulated in international standards.

Download the Practical Guide on Managing Hunger Strikes in Prisons (Available in French)