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Errachidia: CNDH Chairperson delivers a lecture on “Memory and History: Ways to Human Development”

On Thursday 31 March 2022, Mrs. Amina Bouayach, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), delivered a lecture on “Memory and History: Ways to Human Development” at the opening of the spring session at the Multidisciplinary College in Errachidia, Morocco.

Within this context, the CNDH Chairperson emphasized that issues related to collective memory and history are placed at the core of the CNDH strategy which is based on the effectiveness of rights.
Given that collective memory is part of cultural and identity representations of individuals and groups, Mrs. Bouayach stressed, at the conference, that the CNDH considers that any disregard for this memory or hesitation in integrating it into multiple societal systems, necessarily turns it into a socio-cultural obstacle that disrupts the opportunities to enjoy the effectiveness of rights.

In his statement on this occasion, Mr. Lahou Majidi, Dean of the College, highlighted that this event is organized to build bridges of cooperation and communication between the university and the CNDH. It intends to establish institutional channels serving human rights issues and making college a space for education, training, scientific research, and an area of interest and openness to the human rights system.

On the side-line of this event, Mrs. Bouayach oversaw the signing of a framework agreement for cooperation and partnership between the Regional Human Rights Commission of Draa-Tafilalet (CRDH) and Moulay Ismail University. This agreement aims to establish mechanisms for joint work between the CRDH and the University and to encourage all initiatives aiming at promoting and consolidating human rights values and culture within the university.

On Wednesday 30 March 2022, the CNDH Chairperson visited the Abdelmoumen High School in Tounfit, Midelt region, Morocco to interact with secondary school students, on the side-line of the meeting on the marriage of minors and the effectiveness of the right to health, education and training. This meeting was organized by the CRDH in coordination with its partners to raise awareness of the negative effects of underage marriage and its relationship to the right to health and the right to education, as well as to introduce the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the national child redress mechanism.

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