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Mr. Mohamed Moatassim

Mr. Mohamed Moatassim was born in 1956 in Settat, where he followed his primary and secondary studies.

In 1977, he obtained a BA in political sciences from the Rabat Faculty of Law. He obtained also two C.E.S (higher studies certificate) from the same Faculty in political sciences and in international relations.

In 1983, he got a D.E.S (higher studies diploma) from the Casablanca Faculty of Law.

In 1988, he defended his doctoral thesis (thèse d’État) in political sciences on “Evolution traditionaliste du droit constitutionnel marocain” (Traditionalist evolution of the Moroccan constitutional law).

Mr. Moatassim was appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament in the two governments formed respectively on November 11th, 1993 and on June 7th, 1994.
Mr. Moatassim was nominated on February 25th, 1995 as Chargé de Mission at the Royal Office.

Four years later, he was appointed as Advisor to His Majesty the King.
Mr. Moatassim, a CCDH member and university professor, wrote many books, including “L’expérience parlementaire au Maroc” (Parliamentary experience in Morocco), “Le régime politique marocain 1962-1991” (Moroccan political regime 1962-1991) and “Les régimes politiques contemporains” (Contemporary political regimes”.

Mr. Moatassim, who was decorated with the Throne Wissam of the Knight Rank (1995), is married and father of two children.