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Press release on precautionary measures taken by the CNDH's Administration to prevent the spread of the pandemic (20 March 2020)

Under the legal and regulatory provisions;

Considering the decision of the public authorities to declare a health emergency and restrict movement in the country from 6 p.m. on Friday 20 March 2020 to keep the Coronavirus under control;

Considering the force majeure represented by the danger of the spread of the new Coronavirus pandemic "Covid 19”;

And completing the precautionary measures taken previously,

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) decides for members and staff:

- To continue working both: remotely and with unpaid mission orders for trips from home to the workplace, if best interests require. This last measure concerns: the CNDH Chairperson, the Secretary-General, the coordinators of national mechanisms, the presidents of regional human rights commissions (CRDHs), the directors at the headquarters, the chiefs of both Cabinets, the treasurer of the CNDH, the executive directors of CRDHs or their representatives, the head of the registration section, the head of the vehicle fleet, the social worker of the CNDH, the head of the information systems section.

- To reaffirm, until further notice, the cancellation of all its events and meetings, at the national, regional and local levels;

- To grant exceptional leave, from 24 March to 3 April 2020, for the rest of the CNDH staff;

- During this period of exceptional leave, staff are required to stay in their homes following measures taken by public authorities;

- Following the current legal and regulatory texts, the CNDH may ask any staff to be present at the workplace if necessary and for the continuity of public service;

- The CNDH makes the social worker phone available to its members and staff in emergencies related to the onset of symptoms.

  • The CNDH continues to fulfill its missions related to receiving complaints and correspondence by phone and email.
  • The CNDH also continues fulfilling its missions related to monitoring human rights situation in Morocco following the national legislation and relevant international covenants.
  • The CNDH welcomes the contribution of its members and staff to the Special Solidarity Fund. It also reaffirms values ​​of solidarity towards vulnerable categories and reiterates the need to take into consideration the directives related to banning gatherings and respecting hygiene, prevention and sanitary measures.