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CNDH at the 26th International Editing and Book Fair: “1990-2020: An Ongoing Process to the Effectiveness of Rights”

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) is participating, for the ninth time in a row, in the 26th chapter of the International Editing and Book Fair, known in French as Salon International de l’Edition et du Livre (SIEL), which will be held this year from 6 to 16 February 2020 in Casablanca, Morocco.

The participation of the CNDH will be organized this year under the theme “1990-2020: An Ongoing Process to the Effectiveness of Rights”.

With the participation of institutional actors, United Nations experts, human rights activists, and civil society, this event will be an occasion to share the history of the Council for three decades with stakeholders and visitors.

Hence, the CNDH pavilion will be, for ten days, a space for discussion, expression, reading and sharing opinions and views on human rights issues. The program of the CNDH will be diversified and will include five sections: “Discussions and seminars”, “Presenting a book”, “Guests and Tributes”, “The CNDH Pavilion devoted to Children”, and “Civil Society Voices”.

Within this context, more than ten debates will be organized and will focus on various topics such as the effectiveness of rights, analysis of developments, challenges, and issues related to different human rights categories.

Debates section will include events on: “Criminal policy and human rights”, “Promoting equality: what is the role of media?”, “Transitional justice: from the treatment of human rights violations to constitutionalizing rights”, “Youth and participation, a driving force for development”, “cultural diversity and multilingualism”, “school and education to citizenship and human rights”, etc.

Furthermore, and to consolidate the tradition of recognition, the CNDH will program a daily section to honor personalities who have contributed to the promotion of human rights in Morocco or the world.
Thus, the CNDH will pay tribute to Mr. Mohammed Drissi Alami Machichi, former Minister of Justice and legal expert, Mr. Ahmed Abbadi, representing the Rabita Mohammadia des Oulémas, Dr. Hennou Allali, a doctor, human rights activists and a former member of the CNDH, Mrs. Nezha Bernoussi, a former detainee, human rights activist and former CNDH staff, Mrs. Nezha Benjelloun, former CNDH staff, and two experiences on citizenship and human rights from schools through  the Association Chams Al Amal and the provincial student council of Sidi Benrnoussi in Casablanca, Morocco.

Besides the CNDH publications, several books will be presented as part of “Presenting a book” section including: « Révélation de la mémoire et témoignage du document - Les évènement du 3 mars 1973 » by Mr. Mbarek Boudarqa Abbas, « Bioéthique et Droits Humains : Quelles Perspectives pour le Maroc » by Mr. Ali Benmakhlouf, « Déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme, lecture et éclairages » by Mr. Mustapha Laraki, « Expressions et impressions » by Mrs. Aicha Belarbi, « Impossible de rester » by Mrs. Aminata Pagni, « Le handicap : Représentations et perceptions des personnes en situation de handicap au Maroc » by Mr. Jamal Khalil and « Nuit sans lune » by Abderrahman Khouja.

Following the principle of children’s participation, the CNDH pavilion will host more than 220 children from different regions in Morocco, as part of the interactive workshops on human rights and citizenship values.

Aware of the role of civil society in protecting and promoting human rights, the CNDH will make its space available for NGOs for the first time to share with the audience their concerns and their initiatives related to human rights issues.

The CNDH pavilion will cover over 400 m² and will host more than 58 events with the participation of over 120 national and international speakers.

Download the CNDH catalog (available only in French)