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The Secretariat of State in charge of Youth

The Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) and the Secretariat of State in charge of Youth signed a cooperation and partnership protocol, under which the Secretariat is committed to participate in the programs of rehabilitation meant for the communities of the regions where the community reparation program is being implemented through:

- Supporting programs for youngsters, women and their organizations, and rehabilitating the facilities where they conduct their activities, including youth centers, women’s clubs and child-care centers;

- Ensuring that the youngsters of these regions benefit from the “Summer Holidays for All” program, by organizing a summer camp for the target group in one of the Secretariat’s camping spaces; - Providing technical and educational counseling, and field and human expertise necessary for the organization of a summer camp.

The CCDH undertakes to:

- Develop draft projects in coordination with local coordination bodies and the National Oversight Committee;

- Draw up reports on the implementation of the programs set forth in the protocol;

- Incorporate training programs for summer camp facilitators into the programs of the Center for Documentation, Information and Training in Human Rights, and implement them;

- Put human rights documents and trainers at the disposal of the program;

- Provide supplementary financial and material resources to ensure success for summer camping.


Date of signature: October 1, 2007