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The Ministry of Housing, Town Planning and Development

Under this agreement, the Ministry of Housing, Town Planning and Development undertakes to participate in rehabilitating the areas where the community reparation program is being implemented in accordance with the IER recommendations, contribute to the restoration of the former centers of enforced disappearance and transform them into centers for preserving the memory and into social, cultural and economic complexes, in coordination with local stakeholders, to provide the technical and legal assistance necessary for the implementation of the programs, and to support the work of local coordination bodies of community reparation.

Meanwhile, the CCDH undertakes to conduct studies and submit proposals which are likely to ensure community reparation in the regions concerned, collect data and information and develop reports on the implementation of community reparation programs, provide the Ministry with the list of persons who need relocation, submit to the Ministry all data on all the regions covered by the partnership programs. Date of signature: November 25th, 2008.