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CRDH of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region holds its Seventh Regular Meeting

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Un pre-foro en Marruecos para preparar la 3ª edición del Foro mundial de (...)

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Al Hoceima: Meeting on promoting health situation in the light of the CNDH (...)

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Sidi Ifni Events

The President of the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH), Mr Ahmed Herzenni, said in his opening speech at the CCDH 30th plenary session, held on July 26, 2008, that a report on the Sidi Ifni events had been prepared.

Mr Herzenni said that the CCDH, from the very beginning of the events, set up an internal commission to keep a close eye on everything, and gave a hearing to the inhabitants of Sidi Ifni who visited the CCDH as well as members of “Sidi Ifni working coordination body”.