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Family Law: Recommendations for Improving Implementation

In commemoration of the Moroccan National Day of Women and in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) organized a seminar to assess the implementation of the Family Law.

The purpose of this seminar was to exchange views and ideas on the progress made after the implementation of the new Law. It was also to consider the difficulties experienced by the campaign of awareness about and implementation of the Law in order to identify the main causes and recommendations for better implementation of the Law.

The various speakers believed that the Family Law is a societal project and essential gain for strengthening the principles of equity and justice. Similarly, this Law is leverage for human development which has given rise to a positive social momentum and made changes within families, which entails an accurate and full assessment.

This meeting resulted in the following recommendations:

- Providing adequate infrastructure and facilities to family justice;

- Training human resources in the field of family justice and encouraging in-service training to keep abreast of the new changes in laws;

- Establishing a solidarity fund to pay maintenance and set up a multidisciplinary committee responsible for monitoring and implementation;

- Creating institutions of family mediation to assist the courts in the conciliation endeavors;

- Creating a social welfare institution to determine the time frames and social situation of children and divorced women and intervene in the attempted conciliation;

- Mobilizing all stakeholders and civil society activists to raise awareness about the Family Law and highlight the role of the media;

- Changing the image of women in the media and educational programs.

The CCDH will ensure the follow-up of these recommendations to the government departments and the non governmental organizations concerned.