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Third WHRF: Ms. Amina Bouayach participates in a meeting on the process and history of the World Forum on Human Rights

Ms. Amina Bouayach, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), took part on Tuesday 21 March 2023, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the panel discussion on the Process and History of the World Forum on Human Rights (WHRF).

Within this context, she indicated that this event is an opportunity to share experiences, assess best practices, advocate for protecting and promoting human rights, and effectively contribute to setting and developing international standards. Thus, the CNDH Chairperson set the framework for pleading for the institutionalization of the WHRF, its continuity and the effectiveness of its contribution at the international level.

Ms. Bouayach also stressed the need to make this event at the core of the dynamics of integrating the contributions and priorities of the South countries.

Besides, she called stakeholders to make the WHRF a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences and best practices that would contribute to developing multilateral strategies and joint actions to raise the voice of the South countries.

She noted that the Rabat World Human Rights Pre-Forum (held in February 2023) was an opportunity to highlight the roles of the South countries in developing human rights concepts and their ability to contribute to its consolidation in international forums.

Leading a human rights delegation that includes Moroccan, African and international actors and experts, Ms. Bouayach stated that in struggling for human rights, the voices of Africa, Latin America and Asia have always been heard, seen and evident. Thus, she called for maintaining the momentum of this united voice during and after the WHRF...the voice of dignity, justice and equality.

The CNDH has always contributed to international advocacy for human rights and freedoms. It took part in the WHRF in Brazil in 2013. Then, it organized the WHRF in Marrakech in 2014 and the Rabat Pre-Forum 2023 prior to the Buenos Aires (March 2023).

To be noted that Mr. Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, met with CNDH Chairperson, on Monday 20 March 2023, at the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, prior to the launch of the Third WHRF.