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Coronavirus (COVID 19): Precautionary measures taken by the administration of the CNDH to prevent the spread of the epidemic

The exceptional situation facing humankind, including the Moroccan people, is calling us to raise the level of vigilance and prudence. Therefore, the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) calls for:

The consecration of values ​​of solidarity, compassion and benevolence towards vulnerable categories;
The respect of directives relating to the prohibition of gatherings and those linked to hygiene and prevention measures;
Combating disinformation and misleading information by public authorities, media, general public and citizens and choosing transparent communication to implement the right to access health information;

The CNDH also welcomes the efforts made by various actors to counter this epidemic, in particular the medical profession.

Besides, the CNDH announces the following decisions:
Cancellation, until further notice, of all its meetings, at national, regional and local levels;

Disinfection of the headquarters, the Regional Commissions and the Rabat Institute for human rights- Idriss Benzkri;

- Establishment of a phone number and e-mail for users:

  • Telephone number: 00212 537 54 00 00
  • Electronic messaging for correspondence and requests for information:
  • Electronic messaging for complaints:

- Adoption of telework for 70% of CNDH employees. This measure does not concern:

  • The CNDH Chairperson, the Secretary-General and the presidents of the Regional Commissions;
  • Directors and directors of cabinets;
  • Heads of Section, project managers and executive directors of the regional commissions (or their representatives);
  • Secretariat of the presidency and the secretary-general;
  • Permanence officers: Registry office, standard work, car fleet, IT, …

Rabat, on Monday 16 March 2020.




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