Cameroon: CNDH Maroc participates in hosting a training workshop for CHDC (...)

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UN Headquarters in New York: CNDH Chairperson calls for the effective (...)

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CNDH presents its report on the effectiveness of the right to health in Morocco

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Mr. Mustapha Laaraki

Mr. Mustapha Laaraki holds a BA in law, political science department (1980). He is has been journalist since 1984. He has been writing on human rights issues at the daily Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki since 1986. He was the chief editor from 2005 to 2007. Mr. Laaraki is a founding member of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (1988) and of the Moroccan Observatory of Prisons. He was a member of the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress on Children’s Rights (1994). He is a member of the executive board of the Attofola Achaâbia movement and a member of the National Union of Moroccan Press since 1984. He is a member of the national board of the Union.