Cameroon: CNDH Maroc participates in hosting a training workshop for CHDC (...)

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UN Headquarters in New York: CNDH Chairperson calls for the effective (...)

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CNDH presents its report on the effectiveness of the right to health in Morocco

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Mr. Ahmed Berkia

Born in 1960, in Safi. Mr. Berkia is a trainer in training engineering, international human rights mechanisms, monitoring mechanisms, networking techniques and advocacy and disability rights. He is the head of the training of trainees section at the fight against illiteracy and non-formal education department in Rabat. Mr. Berkia is a civil society actor engaged in the protection and promotion of disability rights. He holds a BA in public law, Faculty of Law, Marrakech (2009). He is also a trade union officer in the fight against illiteracy and non-formal education and social development sectors. In 2000, Mr. Berkia, with other actors, founded the Morocco Disability and Rights Forum, which is the first association concerned with disability rights in Morocco. He is the national coordinator of the "Al Mounasara" group, the first national network concerned with the rights of children with disabilities in Morocco, and the founder and leader of the national coalition for the promotion of disability rights. M. Berki joined the national, regional and international campaign for the publication of the international Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.