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Cameroon: CNDH Maroc participates in hosting a training workshop for CHDC (...)

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UN Headquarters in New York: CNDH Chairperson calls for the effective (...)

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CNDH presents its report on the effectiveness of the right to health in Morocco

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Mr. Abdelkader Azrii, Chairperson of RHRC of Rabat - Kenitra

Born in 1955 in Safi Mr. Azrii is civil society, trade union and social activist. He was a member of the House of Councillors. He chaired the parliamentary group of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) and was vice-chairman of the Committee for Justice, Legislation and Human Rights. He was also vice-president of the Franco-Moroccan friendship group between the House of Counsellors and the French Senate. Mr. Azrii chaired the Movement of Democratic Initiatives. He is also a member of steering Committe of the Forum of Alternatives Morocco. He is a former member of the executive board of the Democratic Confederation of Labor. He was member of the Special Commission for Education and Training, which established the National Charter for Education and Training, and of the Committee in charge of the drafting of the current Labor Code.