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Drâa – Tafilalet Region: Symposium on the importance of cultural heritage, Khattarat as a model

The Regional Human Rights Commission of Draa-Tafilalet Region (CRDH), the Regional Directorate of Culture, and Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco, are organizing a scientific symposium on The Importance of Cultural Heritage in the Draa-Tafilalet Region, Khattarat as a Model. This event will be held on Wednesday 10 May 2023, at 10:00 a.m. at the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Errachidia, Morocco.

This symposium is organized as part of the implementation of the CRDH action program 2023 and the partnership agreement with the Regional Directorate of Culture and the University of Moulay Ismail in Meknes.

Through this event, stakeholders will celebrate the Heritage Month for 2023 under the slogan: Our heritage is a pride and glory, considering that the Drâa-Tafilalet region abounds in Khattarat as a rich heritage, which constitutes a historical reference to be invested in and looked after.

This symposium aims to shed light on the Khattarat and their technical, natural, and cultural characteristics and their contributions to development. It also seeks to raise awareness of stakeholders toward the challenges facing these instruments and promote measures to preserve them. This event will also be an opportunity to update the information on Khattarat as an essential part of the regional heritage and provide a space to discuss potential solutions.

Professors, students, human rights activists, media professionals, and civil society actors will address several axes, including "Tafilalet and the water issue: Khattarat as a model"; "Sanctity of water in oasis society"; "Disputes over water in the light of local customs: Khattarat in the Draa-Tafilalet Region as an example"; "Moroccan efforts to develop and protect Khattarat", etc.